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There are two separate and distinctive family crests that denote the Irish Seaver clan, both registered. Why are there two crests? The reason is, as stated in the history page, the separation of the Lusk Seavers and the Armagh Seavers, which happened in the 17th Century. It appears certain, however, that Rogerstown, in the parish of Lusk, was the original seat of the family in earlier times. This house, dating back at least to the 16th Century, is now owned by the Monahan family. In the case of the Armagh Seavers, their home was Heath Hall, an impressive period residence, not far from Newry, Co. Down but situated in Co. Armagh. Sadly, it is now only a skeleton but can be visited with the permission of its owners, the ******* family.

The terms used in heraldry may be unfamiliar to some readers, so a simplified explanation is given here:-

Azure =>   blue Sinister =>   on the left-hand side
Chevron =>   a V shape Proper =>   represented in natural colour
Or =>   gold Affronté =>   head-on
Argent =>   white, or silver Gules =>   colour red
Fessewise =>   horizontal Cubit =>   the forearm
Dexter =>   on the right-hand side Pale =>   vertical

The mottos of both families are in Latin. The Lusk one is also used by the Barnewall family, of Turvey House, and is probably of mediaeval origin. The Armagh one is taken from one of Horace's Odes, Book 3, number 30, and refers to the claim that the poet makes on his own behalf for the wonderful service his poetry has done for Augustan Rome.

NOTE: Click on the crests to see a larger version.

The Lusk Seavers' Coat-of-arms


The Lusk Seavers' Coat-of-arms
Lusk Seavers' Coat-of-arms

Armorial Bearings: azure, a chevron embattled between two wreaths of oak in chief or and a pickaxe and sword in base proper, surmounted by a tower or.

Mantling: azure and or.

Crest: upon a wreath of the colours in front of a pickaxe erect a Moor's head affronté, couped at the shoulders proper, the turban argent, pierced through the head by a sword fessewise, point to the dexter also proper.

Motto: Malo mori quam foedari (I prefer to die rather than be disgraced).

The Armagh Seavers' Coat-of-arms


The Armagh Seavers' Coat-of-arms
Armagh Seavers' Coat-of-arms

Arms: Argent, a chevron gules between three garbs or, each supported on the sinister side by a lapwing proper.

Crest: A cubit arm lying fesseways proper, holding a sword in pale or, the blade encircled by a laurel wreath proper.

Motto: Sume superbiam quaesitam meritis (Acclaim your proud heritage achieved on merit).

Seaver Family Crests